Career coaching

"If your work becomes an expression of your own ideas, you will surely enjoy it."
—Soichiro Honda

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Career coaching is all about getting you the work life that you want whatever stage you're at. You might be looking to change something about your current role, to take the next step, or to switch it up completely and try something new. Whatever it is that makes your weekdays as great as your weekends.


The de-motivated. You get a creeping feeling in the pit of your stomach on a Sunday night. Maybe something has changed recently or maybe it's always been like that. Either way, you've had enough.

The misunderstood.
You struggle to build productive relationships at work. Other people find it hard to work with you, or you find it hard to work with them. You want to be part of the team.

The stretched.
There aren't enough hours in the day - you're not getting things done. You might have some new responsibilities or a new role and need some support working out what that means.

The lost.
This is not what you wanted to be when you grew up. You feel trapped. You need to get out of the rat race before you forget who you really are.

The growing.
Your organisation uses a set of competencies, behaviours and/or targets. Hate them or love them, it's important to you to understand what they mean for you. You want to make conscious, informed decisions about your professional growth.


We'll spend some time talking about what's going on for you at work and how it's affecting you. We'll get really clear on what you want your work life to be like and what you need to change. We'll make a plan that you'll be excited to get started on.

As work is only part of your life, it's possible we'll touch on other areas to some extent. Similarly, we aren't able to turn into baggage-free workbots in the office, so your feelings, emotions and deeper thoughts are likely to come up. Noticing and dealing with the unhelpful patterns that show up at work and at home can create life-changing, happiness-inducing transformation that lasts. Let's get stuck in.


Exactly what you get out of career coaching depends on what you want to achieve and what you put into making the change happen. Coaching helps you reach your goals as well as:

  • Improve your working relationships. Understand your impact on the people you work with and vice versa. Improve your communication with them.
  • Find direction. Know what you want (and what you don't) from your work life. Make it happen.
  • Feel excited about your work again. Let go of the things that have been getting you down and re-discover your spark.
  • Learn tools and techniques that work. You'll walk away with a toolkit you can draw from at work and at home. You might even start taking more of a coaching approach with your colleagues - people that have had coaching report back that they just can't help themselves!


Let's check the chemistry is right. It's really important you feel comfortable and have the best coach for you. So our first step is to have an half hour chat - face-to-face or via videocall - where we can get to know each other a bit more, talk about your needs, and how we'd work together. You don't pay for this time and if you're under no obligation to go ahead if you're not feeling it afterwards.

Check the chemistry. Get in touch or book a call here

Find out more. There's some stuff about me, my experience and my qualifications here. You might also be interested in personal coaching.

Self-funding? Take a look at the plans and pricing below. Pay as you go and payment plans available.

Can't find what you're looking for? Get it touch to discuss bespoke plans. You might also be interested in the LOVE YOUR WORK! boost package.

Get in touch for fee and package info if you're looking for career coaching for your employee(s) or your coaching is being sponsored by your employer. Where career coaching is arranged and paid for by an employer, it's likely the first session will be a three-way meeting between coach, coachee and employer/manager to make sure we're all on the same page with outcomes and/or reporting needs. Often, we'll all meet again partway through and at the end of the programme, too.


start with a bang

1 x 90 min session

Includes personalised session sketch note

1 x 30 min accountability follow up



a serious leg up for your goals

3 x 90 min sessions

Bespoke session plan

5% discount available when paid in advance



for radical & lasting change

6 x 90 min sessions

Bespoke session plan

10% discount available when paid in advance


Honesty based pay

I know how valuable coaching is. I see it in my clients' successes and I've experienced it for myself. I also know there are times in life when it isn't possible to free up the cash to invest in personal development. These can also be the times when coaching is most useful.

I want everyone to have access to coaching and its benefits so I offer personal and career coaching on an honesty based pay basis. This means I'll accept what you can honestly afford to give for your coaching session(s). It also means that our relationship - like all coaching - will be heavily based in trust from the start. I won't question what you say you can afford or judge you for it - we'll have an honest and open conversation about it.

Honesty based pay spots are limited and offered on a first come basis. Payment for any expenses (e.g. travel/room hire) must be covered as a minimum. Let's talk.