Team coaching

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
—Henry Ford

Team coaching applies the principles of individual coaching to a wider group of people that are working together to achieve something. It gives your team the chance to surface and reflect on anything that might be affecting their collective performance or wellbeing, and work together for tangible and lasting improvement. Team coaching is great for any team, at any stage - there really isn't a bad time to improve the way you work and deliver together.


The new team. Maybe it's a new team, a new project, or now is just a great time to review and refresh. You know investing some time in the team set up pays off and you want the team to be at their best. Treat yourselves!

The spark-less team. It used to be so great. Your team worked well together and hit goals. These days it just feels like there's something missing and you're mostly on auto-pilot when you get together.

The winning team. Your team is reliable, solid, good. You could be great. You want to keep growing and help others teams be more like you.

The broken team. You might think it's because of one big thing or a whole bunch of smaller things. Either way, nobody expects much from your team anymore and you don't know what to try next. Or maybe it's been going on for so long that you've stopped trying...

The team? Nobody knows what anyone else is doing. Or when. Or why. Each person mostly works alone and there's often time lost or duplication when handing work between team members.


We'll work to get the best out of each person as well as the team as a whole. I work with teams to help them reach a high level of collaboration, innovation and trust. I come armed with a bunch of proven models and techniques to create memorable experiences that encourage creativity, whole group engagement and deep reflection as well as an understanding of what drives and enables business goals.

Each package is designed for your team and situation - we'll work together to get this right. Your package may include some or all of the below:

  • Discovery. A chance to understand a bit more about what's going on right now and what you need. This usually takes place first - it helps build the programme and informs the quote. It's also a great opportunity to make sure that we'll be a good fit. Sometimes it makes sense to bring other experienced coaches or professionals into the engagement - you'll meet everyone before we get started.
  • Coaching sessions with the whole team. Sessions vary in length and focus. They're usually agreed with the team ahead of time.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions with team members. An opportunity for the the team to reflect and learn individually to embed learning and support continuous growth.
  • Training. You don't know what you don't know. Sometimes, people and teams need to learn something new to enable them to be at their best. I deliver training and workshops on a range of team working skills.
  • Team observation. Objective observation of team members in their day-to-day work and interactions can help uncover something they didn't already know and be the key to finding improvement.


Through coaching, your team is enabled to get stuff done with purpose and energy. Any team can benefit - leadership, delivery, project, business operations, you name it - especially if you want your team to:

  • Deliver in line with business needs. Coaching supports teams in being clear on team and organisational goals, and their role in achieving them. It helps team members understand their own and each others strengths so they can use them to succeed. Team members are able to challenge each other with empathy so that each person, and the team as a whole, is delivering their best work.
  • Communicate better than ever. Teams that have coaching feel safe and empowered to give early and regular feedback. They have a collective identity (go team!) whilst respecting and encouraging each other as individuals (go you!)
  • Deal with issues quickly and effectively. Coaching helps to build resilience so that when things don't go to plan, teams focus on finding the best solution quickly. When it's all over, they discuss openly and without blame so that it doesn't happen again. No more running around like headless chickens.
  • Innovate. Diversity of thought leads to increased creativity. Team coaching leads to full team engagement so that every voice is heard and better solutions are designed.


Team coaching packages are bespoke and built collaboratively. We'll work together to design something that gives your team the best possible opportunity to succeed. The first step is for us to meet (virtually or face-to-face). Let's talk.

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Find out more. There's some stuff about me, my experience and my qualifications here. You can read more about my workshops and facilitation here. You might also be interested in org coaching.

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